Ear Training and Music Theory Software
ear trainingEar Training and Music Theory

Develop the 'Ear' that every musician needs: immediate identification of scale steps, chords, rhythms and melodies, plus accurate sight singing. All downloads are for Windows and contain no virus or additional unwanted add-ons!

Pitch ID: Unlimited pitch, interval, and sight singing exercises in all keys. Click here for free Pitch ID download.

Spell ID: Spell all scales, chords and intervals with Music Theory exercises. Click here for free Spell ID download.

Rhythm ID: Unlimited rhythmic dictation exercises. Click here for free Rhythm ID download.

Note ID: Learn to play notes on grand staff from keyloard. Click here for free Note ID download.

ear training Identify chord changes by ear! (WIN): ChordID only $18.95 US. Part Number 8503-2

ear training Unlimited melodic dictation exercises in all keys. (WIN) MelodicID only $24.95 US. Part Number 8503-5

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Key Advantages:

Self-instruction at graduated difficulty levels APPROPRIATE FOR YOU.
Unlimited practice with IMMEDIATE feedback AND SCORING.
MIDI input for Pitch ID, Spell ID, and Melodic ID (not required).
Spell ID includes a 154 page music theory ebook in .pdf format to view or print.
Quiz mode determines your level of achievement as you progress.
Melodic ID includes a companion 96 page sight singing book in .pdf format to view or print.
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