Chord ID trains your ear to recognize a diatonic chord function as it occurs. Good improvisation requires the immediate recognition and spelling of the background chord at every point in a composition.


How Chord ID Works
Learning with Chord ID is ‘task oriented’. You begin with the task (identifying chord function by ear), click on the Help file if you need assistance, then do the graded exercises with immediate feedback. The Help file in Chord ID provides suggestions about how to listen for chord function and how to practice.

Beginning with chords on the tonic (I or i) and dominant (V) scale-steps, Chord ID introduces all diatonic chords in 20 graduated units. Each unit contains 20 questions of 8 bars each, preceded by a 2 bar ‘count off’. Each bar contains one chord.

The complete program includes 400 questions and 3200 individual chords.

Questions in each unit are presented in random order for repeated practice.

Questions are in major and minor keys in all popular styles: latin, country, rock, jazz, etc..

You indicate chord function by clicking screen chord symbols, reviewing or repeating as necessary.

You can view or hide the correct answer at any time.

The Help file contains suggestions for practice, related music theory, and the notation of all basic scales and chords.

Question units introduce all diatonic chords in a logical sequence (parentheses indicate chords in minor keys):

  1. Questions1 contain functions I (i), V.
  2. Questions2 contain functions I (i), IV (iv) V.
  3. Questions3 contain functions I (i), V, viio.
  4. Questions4 contain functions I (i), ii (iio), V.
  5. Questions5 contain functions I (i), vi (VI), V.
  6. Questions6 contain functions I (i), IV (iv) V, viio.
  7. Questions7 contain functions I (i), vi (VI), V, viio.
  8. Questions8 contain functions I (i), ii (iio), V, viio.
  9. Questions9 contain functions I (i), ii (iio), IV, (iv), V, viio.
  10. XQuestions10 contain functions I (i), vi (VI), IV, (iv), V, viio.
  11. XQuestions11 contain functions I (i), ii (iio), IV, (iv), vi (VI), V, viio.
  12. XQuestions12 contain functions I (i), ii (iio), iii (III), IV, (iv),vi (VI), V.
  13. XQuestions13 contain functions I (i), ii (iio), iii (III), IV, (iv),vi (VI), V, viio
  14. XQuestions14-20 contain sequences of mixed chord functions.

Download the fully operational Chord ID demo. Double-click to UNZIP; then, open the folder and double-click the satellite icon. The demo includes Unit 1 exercises.

If you can do Unit 1 with accuracy after some practice, you can teach yourself (with regular practice) to do all the units with high accuracy.

Order Spell ID to practice chord spelling from the chord functions learned with Chord ID.

Chord ID is $14.95(US) first class postpaid. Send check or international or domestic Postal Money Order with a request for Chord ID to:

KBA Software
PO Box 281
Westover, WV
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