Having a melodious voice is certainly a pride for everyone, especially for those of you who have a career as a musician. With a quality melodious sound, it makes you more flexible when being a vocalist.

Unfortunately, this often results in worrying about a decrease in vocal quality so that the sound becomes fake. Therefore, you must be able to keep your vocals melodious.

Here are some things you can do if you don’t want your vocals to drop.

  1. Keep practicing regularly

The first way to maintain vocal quality is to practice even if you don’t have plans to perform. This exercise is intended so that the vocal cords do not experience stiffness.

Because if your vocal cords are left stiff for a relatively long time, then the sound quality will slowly decline. In addition, regular practice is also good for improving your singing skills.

  1. Sufficient hydration needs of the body

Dehydration conditions greatly affect the sound produced. For that, it is very necessary for you to always maintain hydration levels in the body.

The liquor itself is very important to maintain sound quality. The existence of this fluid to be a lubricant for vibrations that are so fast when sound comes out. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Fruits that are high in water content are also important, such as watermelon and apples.

  1. Reducing or not smoking

Smoking can cause lung cancer, of course this will have an impact on the quality of your vocals. In fact, even if you become passive smoker, you still have the risk of irritation of the vocal cords.

Reduce the intensity of smoking if you are already an active smoker. Gradually, you can work to limit yourself to smoking addiction and then quit.

  1. Don’t drink alcohol

In addition to cigarettes, alcoholic beverages also harm the health of the vocal cords. Break this bad habit to ensure that your vocals are preserved for a long time.

Avoid using mouthwash or the something like that, because these products often contain alcohol-smelling substances. Although the alcohol content is not too high, it still has risks if you drink continuously.

  1. Don’t waste your voice

Controlling your voice is also one way to keep your vocals melodious. Lower your voice pressure when speaking and don’t let your voice run out, which is characterized by hoarseness and dryness.

In addition, avoid the habit of shouting that is a little forceful even though you are practicing, because this will actually accelerate the dryness of the throat.

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Implementing a healthy lifestyle can start by always consuming nutritious food or drinks. Nutritional balance is also important for maintaining health and fitness.

Some types of foods that are good for sound you can get from vegetables or fruits that are rich in fiber and minerals.

In addition to food, regular exercise is also part of a healthy lifestyle.

To increase the body’s capacity to stay fit, exercise can be done at least a little exercise in the morning. Besides being good for your body condition, exercise can also maintain sound quality.

  1. Keep your throat relaxed

In any case, try to keep the muscles in your throat relaxed and comfortable. The purpose is to keep your vocal cords awake even when you don’t really need them, such as when you sing.

Never expel phlegm if the throat feels lumpy, just drink enough water to clean the dirt.

So 7 ways you can do to make the sound quality is always maintained. Vocals are very important in the world of careers, especially in the field of music, for that you must always keep it so that the quality does not decrease and is always melodious when heard.

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