Learn to identify all diatonic scale-steps, up and down, with Pitch ID.


Pitch ID is a self-instruction program for developing ‘relative’ pitch. ‘Relative’ pitch is the ability to identify pitches by ear alone from the musical context, without the ability to identify individual pitches independent of context (termed absolute or ‘perfect’ pitch).

Learning with Pitch ID is ‘task oriented’. You begin with the task (identifying diatonic pitches by ear), click on the Help file if you need assistance, then do the graded exercises with immediate feedback. The Help file in Pitch ID gives suggestions about how to listen for the scale-steps and how to practice. The Help file includes the notation for all major and minor scales for easy reference.


How Pitch ID Works Pitch ID contains question files in each major and minor scale, 52 in all, with graduated exercises in scale-step recognition in each file.

Each file begins with a question group containing ONLY pitches randomly selected from the 3 tonic triad pitches, ‘do’ ‘mi’ ‘sol’, scale-steps 1, 3, and 5 from the selected scale.

The number of scale-steps in each question is gradually expanded to include ALL scale-steps above and below the tonic.

You open a file and click ‘Start Question’ or click the tonic note of the selected scale on the screen keyboard.

The program sounds the tonic, ‘do’, scale-step from the selected scale and pauses until you click the screen keyboard. If you correctly match the pitch by a click on the screen keyboard, the program plays the clicked note and then sounds the next randomly selected pitch from the group of indicated scale-steps in that question. If you do not match the pitch, the program repeats the pitch and again pauses.

You can view the correct answer, advance to the next level, or repeat previous questions at any time.

The Help file contains suggestions for practice, related music theory, and all basic scales and chords.

  1. Exercises 1-13 cover scale-steps in ALL major scales.
  2. Exercises 14-26 cover ALL harmonic minor scales.
  3. Exercises 27-39 cover ALL melodic minor scales.
  4. Exercises 40-52 cover ALL natural minor scales.

Download the fully operational Pitch ID demo. Double-click to UNZIP; then, open the folder and double-click the satellite icon. The demo includes all C major and Minor scales.

Pitch ID is $14.95(US) first class postpaid. Send check or international or domestic Postal Money Order with a request for Pitch ID to:

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