Learn to spell chords by chord function and from pop chord symbols with Spell ID.


Learning with Spell ID is ‘task oriented’. You begin with the task (spelling all scales, intervals, and chords), click on the Help file if you need assistance, then do the graded exercises with immediate feedback. For many people, this is more efficient than learning with a textbook. In any case, the Help file in Spell ID is a complete beginning music theory text.

How Spell ID Works


Spell ID is a self-instruction program for spelling chords in all major and minor keys from chord functions and pop chord symbols.

The program contains 85 graduated exercises. The user answers questions by clicking on a sounding screen keyboard. The user can preview the correct answer, advance to the next question, or repeat previous questions at any time.

Questions in each exercise are presented in random order for repeated practice.

  1. Exercises 0-4: Notation, Major and Minor scales
  2. Exercises 5-6: Key signature sharp or flat order
  3. Exercises 7-10: Diatonic intervals
  4. Exercises 11-42: Spell triads from Roman numeral functions in keys
  5. Exercises 43-46: Spell triads from pop chord symbols
  6. Exercises 47-55: Spell 7th chords from pop chord symbols
  7. Exercises 56-79: Spell 7th chords from Roman numeral functions in keys
  8. Exercises 80-85: Spell 9th, 11th, 13th chords from pop chord symbols

Download the fully operational Spell ID demo. Double-click to UNZIP; then, open the folder and double-click the satellite icon. The demo includes the first 4 of the 85 exercises: major and minor scale spelling.

If you can spell all scales with accuracy after some practice, you can teach yourself (with regular practice) to spell all diatonic intervals and chords. This is a fundamental requirement of good musicianship.

Spell ID is $14.95(US) first class postpaid. Send check or international or domestic Postal Money Order with a request for Spell ID to:

KBA Software
41 West Main St.
Morgantown, WV
USA 26501
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